Year after year there are many more companies, which are opening their branches in Poland. Nothing strange about that, because since we became member of EU plenty of them can realized, how Polish people are dedicated and reliable at work.

That’s why banks from entire Europe are starting their back offices in here, and leaders in Information Technologies are opening in Poland their outsourcing companies. One of those second is objectivity ltd, here you would have an opportunity to know a lot more about this firm.

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This company was created in UK, but after 2005 it main tasks are solving in Poland. They are decreasing the amount of unemployed Poles by employing over 500 of workers. Not only very professional IT specialist, bu even much less skilled individuals. Because of this firm, our country is know in international field as a country with decent, reliable professionals, who are not afraid of any sort of jobs, and they are really dedicated.

But if you like to became a part of Objectivity Ltd it is not an easy thing. Just to have a chance to apply for regular vacancy, you must to be highly educated, with university degree in IT. Also, to get finer job (see visit this link), you need to have at least three years long experience in similar position.

But all those affords are worth this job.

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You are working with team of young, clever people, with sophisticated ideas and ambitious goals. They are happy of being there, cause the ambiance in Objectivity Ltd is really nice. Directors are treating all employees evenly, there is no room for any mobbing, only you need to finishing your projects and that will be fine.

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Several times during the year, all of employees have their integration trips, during which they may talk to each other outside the work. All of those aspects determined that company won the competition on the best environment in the work place, and all because of the workers, who were voting for they company. And last but not least – the salary is really nice, and you have all social backups needed, like sport benefits, medical care and cultural venues for free.

Objectivity ltd is a corporation with really great standards. They are very persnickety in time of the process of hiring, but just because they like their group to be the nicest possible. But when you get a chance to labor there, you wouldn’t regret it, for sure. Friendly coworkers, nice managers, nice salary – who would wish to get more?

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