Amsterdam is definitely out of ordinary place on the Europe’s map. The city is located in the north part of Europe between Germany and Belgium. It is the capital city of the Netherlands. However, Amsterdam has also different faces that will be revealed in this article.
Amsterdam is the bike capital of the world.

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People travel by bike everywhere. They go to work by bike and they even travel by bike when they go out with their partners. The Netherlands as well as Amsterdam are full of different bicycle paths. It is very safe solution because the bikers do not use the roads as well as pavements. Moreover, the bike paths look like motorways and they are equipped with signs as well as places where you can relax. Sometimes, the bike is the only one method of transport available in the given area. The latest researches have shown that there are more bicycles in the Netherlands than people. Amsterdam is also a cultural place where various festivals and other cultural events take place. It is said that there are about 300 festivals a year. The majority of them take part during summer months and what is more important they are completely for free in the majority cases. It means that you may enjoy the summer evening during watching professional performance or a concert without spending a Euro. During visiting Amsterdam, it is essential to go to the market square, the real heart of the city. There are placed colourful buildings – tenement houses that look like taken from the children’s book. The unusual landscape can be observed in the different corners of the city. The city is also full of canals, bridges and romantic places where you may spend a fantastic time with your partner. Amsterdam is often called the romantic destination.
Where to stay in Amsterdam?
If you think that Amsterdam is a perfect destination for your next city break you should think about a suitable place to overnight in the capital city of the Netherlands. There are located more than 1,000 different properties to rent. The most popular forms of accommodation in Amsterdam are apartments, hostels and bed and breakfast hotels.

Nevertheless, there are also provided 5-star luxurious hotels that are dedicated to the most demanding customers. Moreover, the visitors are also able to stay on the barque placed in canals in the city centre. On the other hand, the holidaymakers who love staying in the hotel chains will find here popular hotels such as Best Western, Ibis and Mercure.
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