At the moment holiday planning is a lot simpler, you don’t need to visit travel agency to enjoy an ideal time in some decent location. It is all because of offers of small airline carriers, which are available in Poland since we became partners in EU.

When you decided to plan your own tour you can do a lot of savings, you only have to fallow those several hints.
A final cost of flights will be different according of a date you’ll proceed your reservation. Finest is to do that a lot quicker, like six months earlier, cause it is a time when carriers like to temp future passengers with great prices. Beside, you may wait for a last date and reserve even cheaper tickets, however this option is really risky. But a lot of cash you have a chance to save not just on a price of the seat, but even on extra costs. Very relevant is sort of luggage that you’ll select in time of reservation. Do not forget, that most of companies are allowing for one piece of luggage in price of a ticket, it is medium size, so you would fit inside plenty of clothing. Unfortunately, that type of valise got some regulations, because you’re taking it on board. If you wish to take any fluids with you, make certain that every cosmetic (see cichoń kraków) is poured into the transparent, small bottle, you may get 10 bottles top. Beside, you can’t have any items with sharp edges with you, cause it is strictly forbidden.
Autor: Klearchos Kapoutsis
If you wish your flights to be even cheaper you may look for discounts on a online websites dedicated to the travelers.

Each day a lot of various alternatives are available up there, but most of the tours are organizing during the low season. But if you do not have a problem to go to Barcelona in spring instead of summer you should be alright.
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