Have you previously tried to travel to locations which are recommended by another foreigner traveler?
This content will provide the 7 Polish wonders which have been selected by foreigner passengers.

Number Seven – Zakopane – it is explained as the cold capital of Poland. Zakopane is situated in the south region of Poland, in the Tatra Mountains. Zakopane is full of destinations if you are enthusiastic about walking and climbing. There is located the top peak in Poland – Rysy. You may get to Zakopane by jet (to the Balice- Cracow flight terminal) and then by bus.

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Number 6 – Łódź – it is a city which is positioned in the center of Poland. Here used to be plenty of clothing manufactures. These days, it is a location where the vacationers may see where the Polish films were created and walk along the most known road – Piotrkowska street.
Number Five – Poznan – the label of the town in English indicates learn about me. The name promotes to organize tours to poland and find many time to notice Poznan. It is worth to see the shopping mall – Stary Browar which is 1 of the most stunning shopping malls in the globe according to ICSC.

Number 4 – Wroclaw – it is located in the southwest part of Poland by the Oder canal. Moreover, here are additionally twelve isles and one hundred thirty bridges which make the Wroclaw a special location.
Number 4 – Gdansk. Gdansk is a stunning place which is situated by the Baltic Sea. It has a port and plenty of touring. You will have trip to poland and go to Gdansk by train or by airplane because there is located also an terminal.

Number 2 – the main town of Poland – it is the main location of Poland and it is the hugest location in this nation. Warsaw was in very poor condition after the Second World War, nowadays it is gorgeous and present location which will amaze each traveller.

Number One – Cracow – it is absolutely nothing unusual because Cracow is a greatest destination for most of visitors. It is full of history and interesting areas which may be noticed at every corner of the city – see more on Greetings from Poland . Moreover, in the city centre everybody talks English.  

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