Many years ago I used to work for a big company. I was still young and 1 of the aspect of my job that I enjoyed the most back then was that I was travelling a lot. I really liked the fact that I can spend 1 day in Barcelona, one week in Paris, and another week in Washington. I felt like it was sort of travelling for free. Normally, I was living in London and I loved it. I had my flat there, my colleagues, family and everything else what was making me happy and what I needed to totally chill out after so many business trips.

Warsaw, city center
And then one day, completely unexpectedly, I have received this email that I was selected to set up the office in a new city. At the beginning I didn’t fully realize what it meant for me. I thought that it meant only more short trips. But then it turned out that I needed to move to Poland. Not only take trips to Poland but quite moved there. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure what to think. I have to also admit that I was rather sad about that. I not only had to give up on London and move to other country, but also to 1 of these Eastern European countries, I had never been to before. But decided to give it a try. It was supposed to be just for 2 years so I thought that this was not that long after all.

So you might be curious how it happened that I have been in Poland 30 years longer? My reply is rather simple. I just fall in love with Poland. It wasn’t love at the beginning. It didn’t occur at once. It took a while. But as soon as I arrived I noticed that guys are amazing. Altough they do not smile on the street and they are not very talkative, they are highly helpful if there is any problem. You could be sure that if anything is going wrong, there is always somebody who will react and help you. I also fall in love with Polish women.

warsaw.jpg|L|W=200|ALT=old town in Warsaw]

They are very beautiful. I am positive that it is rather pointless to say that my wife is also Polish? Furthermore, I fall in love with Polish traditions.

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I really like that they are so close with their families and they spend all of these great traditional holidays together. Surely, sometimes there were also though days.

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For instance, when I couldn’t say anything in Polish and nobody around could speak English. But then I made a decision to sign for polish course warsaw and now I speak Polish- more info: polish course warsaw! So as you can see – it was not always easy, but this was unquestionably worth it.

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