Nowadays, some of Polish people are wealthy enough to go to United States. Times, when only few passengers in the time of one year were able to reserve flights to New York are upon us. Although we still have to get a visa to fly there, but thanks to our economical condition,it isn’t so difficult to do. Also, tickets are many less expensive then several years ago. You are planning to visit States? You need to know few rules about your trip, flight rules and visa. And if you want to save some money, you must start your tour from NYC.

First cause you have to take care of, before you even begin to locate some flights to New York, is to get tourist visa. You need to arrange an appointment in USA consulate in Warsaw or in Krakow. You have to gather all documents required, such as national identity card, financial report, martial data and a lot more. Be sure to go there in exact hour, because when you will arrive to earlier, nobody will let you in – the guards policy are really restricted (read something awsome). When will come your turn, consul (speaking in Polish) would ask you several questions. The most important is to not be very stressed, because when everything is okey with your documents, you won’t have any troubles to get a visa. When you pass this test, you are prepared to buy your tickets. If you like to find the best deals, choose flights from New York to Warsaw and conversely. Because even if you wish to go to the San Francisco, it could be much cheaper from NYC then directly from Poland, domestics flights in States are in really attractive costs.
New Jork
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You may stay couple days in the Big Apple, cause a lot of interesting things are worth to be seen in there. Simple walk among those giant skyscrapers will be amazing, especially if you have never been in another city like that. But if you better like normal jungle then city one, you could visit zoologist garden, one of the biggest places like that in entire world. Also, if you are a fan of a nature, you need to spend several hours in the Central Park. It is located in the center of Manhattan island, the most popular area of NYC. You could ride a bike there, go for a jogging, or just have regular lunch on a grass. But beware, in the time of the night several areas of it are not save, so you better not stay there after dark, cause you may get robbed or worst. If you like to have some cultural experience, you may go to the Broad way to visit some nice play in the theater. This street use to be the most important place for actors, but even though those days are over, plenty of interesting shows are playing there. When you will be arranging flights from New York to Warsaw, remember about EU food policy – you cannot have anything from animals origin.

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Flying to the United States is one of the finest adventure in some tourists lives. When you like to tour for a song, select flights to New York, cause they are much less expensive then to different cities (find out more). Next, if you wish, you might choose some domestic carriers to go wherever you wish, to Los Angeles for example. But do not forget to have a trip around the Big Apple, it is really magnificent place.
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